Thursday, September 12, 2013

We Can't Forget

I have bad allergies and all through my childhood and even through college I took allergy shots to keep them under control.  As a result, I now still have allergies but they are not nearly as bad as they could have been, but they are still bad enough that I have to take an antihistamine every day.  This medicine is good for me because it keeps my allergies under control and keeps them from triggering my asthma.  I have a routine every morning and following the routine helps me remember to take my medicine, otherwise I have the potential to feel miserable all day.  Our spiritual walk is the same - we cannot forget to spend the time it takes to grow in our relationship with God.  As I continue looking at how the book of Psalm tells us to remember the good things of God, I want to take a look at a psalm that gives us a warning of what happens when we forget God.  Please use the link and read Psalm 106.

There are other important things that we all need to remember that has the potential to hurt us if we forget.  We teach our children to look both ways before crossing the street, we remember to put on our seat belts when getting in the car, we put out our campfire before going in for the night.  If we forget to do these things we may not experience something bad, but there is the potential for something to go wrong.  If we forget to do those things on a regular basis, we know that it will eventually catch up with us and something bad will happen.  Think of our spiritual walk in the same way.

Psalm 106 starts out with a phrase that needs to be on our hearts every day: "Praise the Lord.  Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; His love endures forever."  His love endures forever!  That is a truth that we always need to remember.  The only way we can keep that truth in our heart is by spending time each day with Him in prayer and in the Bible.  Surrounding ourselves with friends who will encourage us in our walk with God is vitally important, which is why the church should be a regular part of our spiritual walk.  Going to church should happen more than just once or twice a month, this should be a regular part of your weekly routine.  Keep in touch with your friends by becoming a part of a weekly small group so you can be encouraged in your walk with God throughout the week.  These are the things that help us to remember the good things of God; they help us to remember and believe His promises.

"But they soon forgot what He had done and did not wait for His plan to unfold," Psalm 106:13 (NIV).  Psalm 106 shows us what happens when we forget.  When we forget who God is we make choices that will cause destruction.  When we forget what He has already done we become impatient and choose to do things our way instead of waiting on God's plan.  Trust in this truth: God's plan is always better than our plan and it is worth waiting for!  The only way we can have the patience and endurance to wait for God's plan is to remember who He is and what He has already done.

Do you choose to remember?  How do you keep God in your memory each day?

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