Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Because of Who He Is

This morning, I am finding so many things to distract me.  There are news reports about the government shut down, and my kiddos are getting ready for school.  One needs a form signed, another needs to get to school early.  My mind is focusing on the things I need to remember today, and it goes on and on.  I'm sure you can relate because we all have things that divide up our attention and thoughts.  I guess that is why I need this week as I look at psalms that proclaim praises to God.  These are psalms that praise God because of who He is - King of all kings, Creator of everything, our Savior, and the One who will never leave us.  He is so much more than our human minds can even comprehend; so I wonder why it is so easy for the external things to draw my attention away from Him.  Let's take a moment and read through Psalm 97 and remember why we worship Him.

Today's psalm is just a simple reminder for me that no matter what seems important today, God is bigger and is more important than any of that.  So, I need to trust that when I put God in the most honored and important place in my life, all the other things that seem so urgent or important will fall into place.  After all, we cannot forget who God is - He is all powerful and all things come under His command.  Imagine Him in your living room with you right now seated on His throne; I have a feeling that if we could consistently see Him like that our attention would never be drawn away from Him.  Just because we cannot see Him, doesn't make Him less important than the things we can see.  We just need to continually be focusing on His presence.  Remembering who He is can help us to focus more on His presence in our day to day lives and put Him in the place of honor He deserves.  Remembering who He is would keep us from caving in to the temptations we face every day.  Remembering who He is will keep us with a spirit of worship throughout the day.  You know that wonderful feeling you have on Sunday mornings during your favorite song in church...we can feel that way every day throughout the day!  It doesn't just come with a song we relate to, it comes with remembering that we worship Him because He is great, wonderful, powerful, mighty, and loving.

Take some time today and worship God for who He is!

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