Monday, October 7, 2013

Entering HIs Rest

Have you ever noticed that it is so easy to fill our time with busy things?  It just always seems that something "important" needs to be done and you are the one who has to take care of it.  I am a person who needs to have down time and I feel it pretty fast if I do not get that time.  Even if I am tired, when I just need to chill I will stay up late to squeeze in some relaxing time.  Having three teens in the house and working 30 hours I can fill up my time effortlessly.  Just a few weeks ago, I was going so hard that I was finding myself desperately needing some rest and I just wanted to have a day where I didn't have to leave home.  I'm sure you know what I mean...we've all had those times when we feel like we need something to stop.  Have you ever thought about that in relation to our spiritual walk?  When we've gone long enough without nourishing our spiritual lives we can feel like we're coming to our breaking point.  As I was spending seven weeks looking at the book of Psalms the idea of entering God's presence and all the promises that are given to those who seek God's presence was something I wanted to explore more in depth.  I know from personal experience that when we seek God, we find treasures that we didn't even know existed.  So, I am very excited about this next study that I am calling, "Entering His Rest."

For those of us who believe in the hope of salvation we have through Jesus, we look forward to the day that we get to be in God's presence.  That is something we cling to when this world shows its pain and brokenness.  But what about right now?  I had a friend read me a quote that reminded me that eternity includes our lives right now, not just our future lives in heaven.  We can experience God's presence and promises even now, we just need to seek Him.  I want to take time to set the stage for the study; please take the time to use the link and read through Hebrews 4.

This is a chapter that is packed with a lot of information and can even be a little confusing in some spots, so I am planning on spending some time going through this chapter.  But what I want to point out today is the importance of entering God's rest.  This is a promise that we all have, but we will also learn that this doesn't just happen; we play an active role in our walk with God.  We are told to "make every effort" to enter the rest that is promised to us (verse 11).  I want to spend some time exploring what that means, because I also see how easy it would be to misinterpret what that can mean.  But what I do know for sure is that God wants us to play an active role in our walk with Him; He wants us to want Him.  He wants us to seek Him and He has beautiful promises for those who do.  I hope you join me as I explore how we can enter His rest and experience His presence.

Do you need to enter His rest?

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