Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Rest With Confidence

Today's post is going to be a little short because I am typing on the iPad again, and I don't have the luxury of time for the slower typing.  So, I am just going to dig right in and ask you to use the link and read Hebrews 4:8-16.

I love how the author of Hebrews makes so many wonderful connections for us in this chapter.  Yesterday I looked at how we learn to walk in obedience by spending time in the Bible.  Today I want to look at how our faith in God's mercy can allow us to enter His presence and experience His rest.  What a beautiful promise these verses tell us about the fact that we can approach the throne of God with boldness because of Jesus.  Have you ever thought that may be the very rest we are seeking?  Rest from our guilt and shame...rest from condemnation.  That is a wonderful rest for our spirit and we can boldly enter that rest when we believe in the forgiveness of our sins through Jesus.

Do you believe you are forgiven?  Do you understand that you can enter this promised rest with confidence?

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