Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Still Today

I ask for your patience with me this morning and if you see a lot of typos that you understand that I'm writing this frrom my husband's ipad.  It is frustrating  typing from it even with the little portable keyboard.  With that said, please take a look at Hebrews 4.

Yesterday, I spent some time in Psalm 95 where I explored the fact that our faith walk with God is to be an active faith with the daily choice to follow and obey God.  The fact that we gave our lives over to God years ago is great; however, God wants so much more from us!  He wants us to have a daily walk with Him that directs all our choices and keeps us walking in obedience.  It is in that daily obedient life where we get to experience His rest.  In this very busy day and age the promise of rest sounds wonderful.  Notice what the author says in Hebrews 4:6-7.  He focuses on the fact that David used the word, "today."  He points out that God had set aside a day called today, which reminds us of the present and active faith we must have.  Anyone who lives out their faith while it is still called today, we are given the promise of God's rest.

I will go into this further tomorrow because this chapter is so full of gems, but today...this keyboard is driving me crazy!  Perhaps today, we should meditate on what rest God has for us in our obedience.

How do you think God wants to bless you with rest?

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