Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Beauty We Make

All this week, I am looking at psalms that declare praises to God - praises to the One who made us.  Honestly, should there be any other reason to praise Him?  He is God; the very fact that He exists and made us and this incredible world is all we need to praise Him.  Instead, we get caught up in the news of the day and get frustrated with what we see the world doing.  Should we expect the things of the world to be just like God?  Of course not!  But it is so easy to focus on the frustrating and even horrible things that are happening around us and forget how amazing our Lord is.  When we can focus our hearts on Him, we can remember the hope of salvation we have in Him.  When we can focus our hearts on Him and who He is, we can remember that He is the only One who is truly faithful.  This morning, please use the link and read Psalm 33 to remind yourself why and how we should praise Him.

Verse 1 grabbed my attention:  "Sing joyfully to the Lord, you righteous; it is fitting for the upright to praise Him." (NIV)  The phrase, "it is fitting" made me want to look into it a little more.  When I looked up the original word in Hebrew, I found out that it is the word, na'veh.  Na'veh is translated to mean comely, beautiful, seemly (see footnote 1).  So, you can see why both the NIV and NLT use the word, fitting; however, think about the fact that the word beautiful is a part of that definition.  It isn't just appropriate for us to praise Him, it is beautiful!  Have you ever thought that when you are praising God you are adding beauty to this broken world?  How wonderful it is that God made us not only to enjoy the beautiful creation of this world, but He also made us to add beauty to this world!

The rest of this incredible psalms gives us many reasons for our praise, the first few verses show us the impact of our praise.  We are told to praise with music and instruments; oh, how that makes this musician happy!  It is wonderful to take a gift God gave us with music and turn it into praise for Him; it is beautiful!  We are told that those who use their musical gifts should use them skillfully.  We are to give Him our best when we are giving Him praise; it isn't a after-thought we are giving Him, it is a skilled and practiced gift we are giving Him.  That is beauty!  I believe this extends beyond the gift of music.  Anything we do for God should be done to the best of our ability because it is an act of praise that brings God glory.  When we give Him our best, the world benefits from the beauty we added.  Think about the fact that we are benefiting from the beauty this psalm of praise to God brings to our world.  We are to each add beauty in our praise to God.

How has God created you to add beauty through praise?


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