Thursday, October 31, 2013

Through the Curtain

I've had some bosses that were very unapproachable; in fact, they were so unapproachable I would find myself a little nervous going to their office.  It wasn't that I felt that I had done something wrong, they just intimidated me.  On the other hand, I've also had bosses that were extremely friendly and approachable and even when I made a mistake they made me feel like I was still a good employee.  Even though correction isn't fun and I hate disappointing people who are counting on me, I didn't feel like they thought less of me and instead I felt more compelled to do a better job.  I would even go as far to say because they were so approachable I was motivated to do a better job.  I respected them as my boss and understood that I was under their authority, yet I felt like they wanted to make sure their door was always open to me.  Have you ever considered that about our great and loving God?  Do you think God wants us to be afraid to go to Him or do you think that He wants us to know that we can come to Him with anything - even when we make mistakes?  I feel like the picture we get in the book of Hebrews is a God who is great and mighty (there is no one greater!) and we should fear His greatness, yet at the same time He wants us to come to Him.  Please use the link and see the picture the author of Hebrews painted for us in Hebrews 10:19-25.

Let's review quickly some of the things we've learned so far about the promise to enter God's rest.  We've learned faith is essential - we have to believe Jesus' sacrifice covers our sins and allows us to enter God's presence.  The other thing we've learned is obedience to God is a natural extension of our faith in Him and is expected from us if we are to enter His rest.  We've also been looking at the fact that Jesus is our High Priest and there is no need for yearly sacrifices to cover our sins.  And finally, we've looked at the fact that God can be trusted - He always keeps His promises.  You can read the series so far by using this link.  Moving forward in Hebrews 10, we are reminded again that because of Jesus we can boldly enter God's presence.  Isn't that amazing!  We are told that because of the life-giving sacrifice of Jesus, we can enter through the curtain into the Most Holy Place.  There is such a special significance behind this statement of the Jesus allowing us to enter through the curtain.  Please use the link and read what we are told happened in the temple when Jesus died: Mark 15:37-39.

God did something literal to allow us to understand something spiritual.  Jesus' death is what opened the curtain for all of us to enter the presence of God.  There was no need to continue feeling the separation between us and God because Jesus made the perfect and final sacrifice - a sacrifice for all ages.  So, instead of fearing death when entering God's presence; we are told in Hebrews 10 that we have been given life and we are made clean.  That is our confidence; that is our hope.  Yes, God is great and powerful and our lives are in His hands - but understand that when you believe Jesus, He is approachable!

Do you believe?

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