Friday, October 11, 2013

Waiting Quietly

Anyone who is a parent or works with children knows that when a child is excited or anxious, the idea of sitting still and being quiet is almost impossible for that child.  They are either so excited that they must keep talking or moving or their anxiety will make them want to ask a lot of questions or they may even act out.  Either way, it goes against their nature to sit still in that emotional state.  As adults, we may learn to sit still and not respond through talking or moving around; however, our soul may not be sitting still.  Oh how I know that is so true for myself!  Maybe I'm sitting still, but on the inside I could actually be feeling frozen in my anxiety.  It is almost as if my soul spoke out, it would be non-stop nervous chatter.  Can you relate?

The verse I am looking at today is another verse of the day by, which also fits in with the study I want to start digging into next week.  "I wait quietly before God, for my victory comes from Him."  Psalm 62:1 (NLT).  This morning I am reminded of what truly matters.  I have been eagerly looking forward today to have a complete day off and some rest after a few busy weeks.  That is one of the reasons this verse caught my attention because the NIV uses the word "rest" in place of "wait quietly."  The term "wait quietly" seems to come closer to the original Hebrew, which is why I used the NLT.  But, physically I am feeling the need for rest.  The thing that the Hebrew tells us is that it is our soul that should be waiting quietly.  But the reason for this rest is the understanding that our salvation or victory comes from God.

The Hebrew word for victory is yÄ•shuw`ah, which usually means deliverance, victory, or salvation and it can reference that it comes from God (see footnote 1).  In fact, as I looked at the verses that use this word I noticed that the majority of the time this word is used is in reference to God's salvation.  That is where our soul can find rest!  It is in the knowledge and hope that our ultimate salvation and deliverance comes from God.  This makes me even think of yesterdays post where I focused on the fact that it is God's purpose that will win (Proverbs 19:21).  This can give us a different perspective for what we are facing in the moment, because God's purpose will prevail and our deliverance comes from Him.  We just need to trust and wait quietly in Him.

Do you allow your soul to wait quietly before God?

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