Wednesday, November 27, 2013

And Be Thankful

Throughout the last 6 1/2 weeks, one thing that keeps coming back to me is the idea that the promise of eternal life is a hope that helps us with all that we are facing here.  Are you facing temptation?  Keep your eyes on the prize that we are looking forward to.  Are you overwhelmed and tired?  We have a hope that reminds us to keep pressing on.  Do you feel incapable?  God empowers us with the Holy Spirit so we can live a life worthy of our calling.  Today, I want to focus a bit on how our attitude should change as a result of knowing that we have such great and precious promises.  Please use the link and read Colossians 3:1-15.

Reading through this can seem overwhelming because it is a list of very specific dos and don'ts; however, remember the wonderful reminder we are given in verses 1-4.  When Christ appears, we will share in His glory.  The very idea that someone like me who has failures and sins on my record could share in His glory overwhelms me!  But, when we believe in Jesus and His sacrifice for us and His victory over death, He shares His victory with us.  Those failures and sins are not only wiped away, but God can even redeem all our failures and turn them into something He can use.  It is so wonderful to see how God chooses to use us (failures and all) and shows His glory by redeeming us.  Have you ever thought about the idea that we share in His glory even here on earth just by Him using us?  Incredible!

And that brings me to my final point - thankfulness.  When you think on these things, is your heart filled with thanksgiving?  After being told very specific things that God wants to see in our lives (with His help), notice the last sentence, "And be thankful."  NLT tells us to always be thankful.  We can have those difficult days (or years) where it is truly hard to scrape up anything to be thankful for, but when we focus on the promise of eternal life and entering God's rest we have a lot for which to be thankful.  There is no greater gift and it is one that can keep us going.  And be thankful.

Are you thankful for God's great gift we have in Jesus?

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