Thursday, November 28, 2013

In All Its Richness

Each year, my church has a tradition to have a Communion service on Thanksgiving Eve.  But this service is such a casual service of giving God thanks for all He has done.  There is a time when people have the opportunity to share why they are thankful and it is always so wonderful to hear people express how God provided for them.  Last night, we had the opportunity to hear some people say that they started their journey following Christ this past year.  We had the opportunity to hear from people who experienced a difficult year but within that year also experienced God in ways that they needed.  Others expressed thankfulness for God's provision through the church body.  And of course, children expressed thankfulness for having Jesus.  God is a great and generous God and we really do not need to look far to remember what we have in Jesus to give us a heart of thanksgiving.  This week, I am wrapping up my "Entering Rest" study and how appropriate and wonderful it is that God directed me to finish up with giving thanks to Him.  For one final time, please use the link and read through Colossians 3:1-17.

"Let the message about Christ, in all its richness, fill your lives."  That phrase is sticking out at me this morning!  If we just cannot find anything in our lives for which to be thankful, this is what redirects our hearts to thanksgiving.  If we let the message of Christ fill our lives we would always be thankful.  The wonderful hope we have is something that this world just cannot offer.  Our Creator, who is perfect, has lavished His generous mercy on us so that we will not pay the penalty for our arrogant sin.  Yes, our sin is arrogant because when we are in the moment of sin we are forgetting about our amazing God and we are choosing to please ourselves.  But even with our self-centered motives, God still chose to give us the gift of Jesus so we could experience eternal life.

I love the phrase, "in all its richness."  What a rich message the love of Christ is to our hearts!  It is such a rich and wonderful message; there really are no human words that can possibly express God's amazing and prodigious love for us.  This is the wealth we are to be seeking; so many treasures are buried in His amazing love for us and He sets us on a journey where we get to discover them piece by piece.  We have an extraordinary God who wants to be with us.  Let the message of Jesus fill your heart in all its richness - you will be overwhelmed with thankfulness!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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