Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Worthy of Our Call

When I know someone has high expectations for me, it motivates me to do all I can to live up to those expectations.  Can you relate?  It is not a high pressure thing; if I feel someone has seen enough in me to think I can do something, I want to do all I can to live up to it.  As parents, we are told that when we allow our kids to see that we believe in them and their ability to accomplish something, it is like we've empowered them to do it.  This morning as I was praying, I was feeling as if God does the same with us.  For a little over a week, I've looked at how the promise we have of entering God's rest also comes with expectations.  God wants to see us grow more like Him and He has even given us the Holy Spirit to change us.  But as I was praying, I was astonished by God's incredible expectations for us.  It was such a beautiful thing to realize that these expectations for us came out of His immeasurable love for us.  He doesn't give us tasks that crush us, instead He asks us to use the power of the Holy Spirit to do something we didn't think we could accomplish.  Isn't that amazing?  With that thought in mind, please use the link and read Ephesians 4:1-7.

I love what we are told in Ephesians 4:1 (NLT), "Therefore I, a prisoner for serving the Lord, beg you to lead a life worthy of your calling, for you have been called by God."  Have you ever thought about having a calling on your life?  So often we think of someone being "called" as someone who has stepped into some type of ministry position.  But that is not what I see in these verses.  You have been called to live a life for God - whether or not you have taken a ministry position in a church or other organization.  This calling is to follow Christ which is the most worthy calling you will ever have and it comes with high expectations.  But remember, it isn't to crush us or overwhelm us; these high expectations come from the One who created us.  He knows what we are capable of achieving, especially since we are empowered by the Holy Spirit.  So, just as any other job has expectations of how to live up to the job, we have these amazing expectations to live up to the most honorable calling that exists.  The awesome thing about God's incredible expectations are that they just make our lives even better.

Pray and ask God to open your eyes to see what an honor it is that He would place such high expectations on your life.

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