Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Bread From Heaven

This fall, I have been blessed through a new Community Group that I am a part of.  Over the last four years of working at church with groups, I have seen many new groups start up.  It has been fun and refreshing to be a part of this new group and see how God put us together.  Last night, we were talking about the "Sword of the Spirit," which is the Word of God.  In our conversation, it made me think of how I hunger for His Word and how much joy God gives me by discovering new treasures in His Word.  I absolutely love my time with God while reading the Bible.  I love the truths that are in there that become more solid in my heart the more I read them.  The more we spend in the Bible, the more familiar we are with the Bible and the more it becomes our sword when we are facing trials and temptations.  So, this morning as I went on to Bible Gateway to look up what I was going to read today, the verse of the day caught my attention.  It was John 6:35, but I want to look at the verse this morning with a little more context.  Please use the link and read John 6:25-35.

Perhaps I am stepping out of the order I thought would make sense and I should have started with John 1:1, but these verses were really speaking to me.  In John 1, we are told that Jesus is the Word of God; everything was created through Him.  We are told that He is the Word who became human.  With that thought in mind, what do these verses in John 6 speak to you?  Earlier, I mentioned my hunger for His Word and in these verses Jesus tells us that He is the bread of life.  Knowing that Jesus is the Word and the bread of life, do you see how filling our hearts with the truths in the Bible is what sustains us?  The hunger and thirst Jesus was referring to in theses verses are much deeper than a physical hunger and thirst; this is a hunger that longs for truth and life.  Do I understand how Jesus is the Word of God made human?  No!  That is far beyond my ability to understand how God did that, but I believe it (I also don't understand how gravity works, but that doesn't mean it isn't working).  Reading Jesus' words explaining that He is the bread of life helps me see why we are sustained when we spend time reading the Bible.  Jesus reminds us in verse 29 we have to believe in Him.

The more I understand who Jesus is, the more overwhelmed I am by the incredible gift we have been given through Him!  Our God is so amazing and loving that He would bless us with His Word walking among us and explaining that it is through Him we are given life.  When we are filling our hearts with the Bible and believing, we are filling our hearts with Christ.  He is the One who satisfies our hunger and thirst.

Do you take in the true nourishment we receive from Jesus?

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  1. Yes...Jesus...The Word...is where I get my nourishment! Thanks for reminding me that this is true nourishment! Linked up next to you at Soli Deo Gloria. Nice to meet you, sister!


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