Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Good Shepherd

I have a friend who grew up raising sheep.  I remember she once explained that sheep recognize the voice of the one caring for them and will only respond to them.  In fact, if someone new comes and calls to the sheep using the same commands the sheep will not respond because they do not recognize their voice.  The sheep trust the person who cares for them and listen for their voice.  In the New Testament, Jesus described Himself as the good shepherd.  Please use the link and read John 10:1-18 to see what Jesus meant by that description.

There are a couple of things I want to draw out in these verses.  First, Jesus is our shepherd; He cares for us and protects us.  Jesus tells us in these verses that a good shepherd would face the enemy and be willing to die in order to protect his flock; no one else would be willing to do that.  Jesus cares so much for us that He died for us in order to keep the enemy from claiming us.  Instead of allowing the enemy to enter through the gate, He died and had victory over death and reclaimed His own life.  There is no one else that can do that!

That brings me to my next point; we can trust Him.  It is hard when the pressures around us feel suffocating to have the perspective that Jesus will not lead us into harm, but if we can remember all that Jesus did for us we can trust Him completely to where He is leading us.  Just think, the whole purpose of Him coming to earth was to ultimately sacrifice Himself in order to save us.  There is no greater love!  Why would He do all that just to hand us over to the enemy for destruction?

We can trust Him.
We can follow Him.

Do you trust our Good Shepherd?

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  1. Hey, Sharon! I'm your next door neighbor over at Lyli's today! It's so good to meet you ... and even better yet to be reminded of the magnificent love of our good Shepherd! Thank you for reminding us of how loving and trustworthy He is.

    Happy Birthday, Jesus!

  2. Sharon, I am so thankful that He is my Shepherd. I would be so lost without Him.

    So glad you linked up today at Thought Provoking Thursday!


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