Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Word

There are a lot of things in this world that I just do not understand.  How does an airplane fly?  How does the earth keep spinning?  How do birds instinctively understand when and where to migrate?  And so on...  I don't have to understand these things, but I see airplanes fly overhead every day.  The sun rises and falls each day with regularity.  Every Autumn and Spring, I see birds on their migratory paths.  Just because I don't understand how they work, doesn't mean that it isn't true.  Today, I am looking at another truth of who Jesus is: the Word made human.  I cannot understand how this happened; however, the validity of that truth doesn't rest on whether or not I understand.  I just have to believe in faith who Jesus is.  Please use the link and read John 1:1-5, 14.  You will need to keep scrolling down the page to read verse 14.

In these verses, we read an incredible description of Jesus.  He is God's Word made a human so we could experience Him so intimately.  But we are also given an understanding of how powerful God's Word is:  everything was created through Jesus and Jesus gave life to everything that was created.  That is amazing!  Once again, I don't have to understand how it worked, but if the Word created everything and gave life to everything, then I guess if He decided to be human He could.  Basically, what I learn from these verses is that there is nothing that can't be done by our amazing God.  And His awesome Word came to walk on this planet with us in order to sacrifice Himself to save us.  Do you see how outrageous that is?  The very One who created us and gave us life did the ultimate sacrifice to give us eternal life.  That was such a humble act of the most incredible love this world has ever seen.

Take time today to thank God for this amazing act of love - the Word made human.

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