Tuesday, December 24, 2013

What It Is All About

I don't know about you, but with all busyness of the season between Thanksgiving and Christmas it is so easy to get caught up and overwhelmed and lose focus.  There is some busyness that we don't have control over such as school concert schedules; however, we also create some of our own frenzy.  It is really easy to get trapped in the consumerism that we've made Christmas to be, which then creates more busyness because we have to carve out enough time to buy presents.  Then we have to find time to wrap presents...then time to open presents...visit family...bake cookies...and so on.  I've even justified some of it because most of what our kiddos receive for Christmas is what they need.  If their pajamas are getting worn out, they get new pajamas.  Growing out of jeans...we get them new jeans.  Of course, socks are always a guarantee.  I'm sure many of you can relate to what I am saying.  But then, the real reason we began celebrating Christmas gets lost - we celebrate Christmas because one evening a precious baby entered the world to eventually sacrifice Himself so we could all receive eternal life.  We just need to believe Him.

So, where did all the crazy frenzy and consumerism come from?  Every culture has its own thing that wants to pull us away from our focus on Christ and I believe that my culture has consumerism and time mismanagement as its main struggles.  Why don't I just replace their clothes right when they need to be replaced rather than waiting for Christmas?  Why wait until the holiday season to fulfill our baking fun?  Why do all the family visits have to happen around the holidays rather than throughout the year (yes...school schedules play some role for those of us who live far from any relatives)?  The more we create the perceived need for these traditions, the easier it is for the real reason we celebrate Christmas to get lost.

Many of us will be attending a Christmas Eve service tonight.  I challenge you to do all you can to clear your mind of the things that still need to be done before tomorrow in order to truly celebrate the reason we have life!  I know the verses I am about to ask you to read are verses you have probably read or heard so many times, but please pray that God gives you a fresh perspective on His love as you read them.  Ask God to reveal to you something new in these verses that you never noticed before.  Please use the link and read Luke 2:1-21.

Have a blessed Christmas and enjoy praising our wonderful Savior!

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