Friday, January 31, 2014

Quality Seed

I remember when I learned that sometimes it is worth paying a little extra for good, quality seed.  My husband and I had moved into our home and we had some spots in our lawn that needed reseeding.  We went to the store and picked up some inexpensive seed and some top soil and filled the spots.  We faithfully watered the seed and the only thing that came up were some sporadic weeds.  That was when a friend explained that was the typical result with cheap seed.  The grass seed usually rots while the weeds grow.  I guess when you have to keep buying more seed, you really are not saving any money and you may as well buy the expensive seed.  God plants a seed in our hearts that will never rot; please use the link and read 1 Peter 1:22-25.

These verses remind us that not only has God changed us when we gave our lives over to Him, but He made us new.  We were born again as His children - created to reveal His glory to the world.  We are told in these verses that He planted a new, imperishable seed in us through His Word.  We are reminded that the only thing that will last in this world is His Word.  That is what gives us this new, eternal life.  The thing I love about this new life that we are told about in these verses is that Peter used the Greek word, aphthartos to describe our new life.  It is a word that means to be imperishable, unable to decay, immortal: of the risen dead (see footnote 1.)  I love that!  That is the same word that is used to tell us of the resurrection of Jesus in other verses!  This new seed is given to us because Jesus conquered death and is alive.

Remember this amazing power that is living in you giving you new life - a life without decay.  This is the power of the resurrection of Jesus living in us, changing us and shaping us to be the person God made us to be.  That is the quality seed God has planted in our hearts.

Praise God for this amazing work He is doing in you!

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