Tuesday, January 21, 2014


One day on my way to work I noticed that a house in my neighborhood had burned down overnight.  I felt so horrible for the owners because it appeared to be a complete devastation.  I cannot even imagine how horrible it had to be to go through such devastation.  But, over several months the house was rebuilt and looked even better than it did prior to the fire.  While the owners of the home probably lost almost everything they had in the home, it was so good to see that they were able to rebuild and refurnish the home.  It didn't happen overnight; in fact, I remember at one point wondering if the builders would ever finish the home.  I remember wondering about the celebration the owner must have had the first day they moved back in to the home.  The verses I am looking at is a promise God gave to the Israelites that when they turned back to Him they would rebuild the ancient ruins.  Please use the link and read Isaiah 61:1-4.

All last week, I focused on the fact that God renews strength to the weary who put their trust in Him.  This morning as I was thinking about the idea that we can rebuild our broken lives when we put our trust in Him, it occurred to me that this also happens because of the strength God gives us.  Rebuilding takes strength, and rebuilding our lives takes tremendous emotional strength.  I love these verses because even though they were originally written as prophecy of the rebuilding of Israel after years of captivity, Jesus also referred to these verses when He was questioned if He was truly the Messiah.  Jesus showed us that these verses were more than just a literal rebuilding of Israel; these verses were also talking about a spiritual rebuilding.  He was showing us that He was the true hope of which these verses spoke.

Rebuild.  That sounds like a lot of work, doesn't it?  So many of us have faced devastation of some sort in our lives.  Broken promises, broken homes, broken hearts.  But Jesus gives a hope of rebuilding.  He gives us hope of so much better:  healing, forgiveness, renewal.  All this week I want to look at how God turns devastation into His splendor.

What needs to be rebuilt in your life?

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