Monday, January 13, 2014

Renewed Strength

While my family was serving on a team in Zambia, I became ill.  I was sick with a cold by my second day in the country and within a few days it had sapped all my strength and energy.  By the time we were in our last few days of the trip, I found myself having difficulty getting out of bed because I felt so horrible.  But here is the amazing thing - I was still able to do all the work that was set before me.  I would roll myself out of bed and get ready to go knowing that there was no way I could make it through the day without God giving me the strength and stamina I would need to teach.  Sure enough, I would complete my work for the day and enjoy my time with the students I was working with.  Don't get me wrong I was still sick (I even ended up on antibiotics when all was said and done), but somehow God allowed me to have the energy I needed right when I needed it.  It was so amazing to experience this God-given ability to make it through the day despite my illness!

In the Bible, God tells us that He is the one who gives strength to the tired and weary.  He is the One who gives us exactly what we need to do the tasks He places before us.  Please use the link and read Isaiah 40:28-31.  Even though I personally experienced the physical endurance I needed from God, I don't believe that these verses are only talking about a physical strength.  I believe that this refers to any type of strength we need.  The Hebrew word translated as "strength" in these verses is koach and it refers to strength of humans, angels, or God.  It also refers to the produce that comes from the soil.  Isn't that interesting?  There are other Hebrew words that could be translated as strength, yet the word that is used for strength in these verses is a word that also refers to the wealth or produce of the soil.  There are some references Jesus uses in the New Testament that show us our heart is like soil that God wants to work in.  When we give our hearts over to Him to do His work, that is when He will produce what He knows we need to do His work.

We are also told that this strength comes for those who have placed their hope in God.  When we can recognize that there is no way we can depend on ourselves and we place our hope and dependence on God, we experience God's ability to produce amazing things in us.  He produces the energy, strength and abilities to do what He called us to do.  Experiencing His ability that goes beyond our own is absolutely amazing and it is something He wants all of us to experience.

Where is your strength coming from?

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