Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Strength To The Weary

What does the word, weary, mean to you?  Looking it up at dictionary.com, the definition includes words such as tired or fatigued or even mentally exhausted from work.  I'm sure all of you can relate to that feeling - we've all been there at some point.  Weariness can come from anything - even things we love doing.  Perhaps you are weary because you feel your creativity sapped from you and you feel uninspired.  Perhaps you feel weary in your parenting or marriage.  Maybe you feel weary at work.  Maybe you are weary in the ministry you are involved in.  Weariness can come from both good and bad events in our lives.  But something I've been learning is that weariness sets in when we choose to trust ourselves over God.  The minute I am relying on my abilities and strength to do something; I find myself getting weary.  This week, my focus is on the fact that it is God who renews our strength and He even promises strength to the weary.  I want to look at the same verses I looked at yesterday; please use the link and read Isaiah 40:28-31.

Yesterday, I learned that the word used for strength in these verses can mean strength of humans, angels, or God.  But it also refers to the wealth or produce that comes from the soil.  Knowing that God refers to our hearts as soil and that He plants good seed in our hearts, that really brings out a whole new dimension in these verses.  This is a good reminder that it isn't us who causes the fruit that we are to produce in our lives; it is God.  The minute we try to produce the fruit on our own we become weary.  As long as we continue to trust in God's provision and strength we find our strength continually renewed.  I believe the best way to keep in line with trusting and believing God is to stay in the Bible and continually pray.  Our trust and faith in Him allows His strength to reproduce itself in our lives.  Are you feeling weary?  Can you turn that over and trust in God's provision?

Are you trusting in God or yourself?

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