Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Best Foundation

Something I know very little about is construction; I can barely hammer a nail into wood let alone actually build something of worth.  One thing I do know is the importance of having a good foundation.  If we choose to just put up walls and a roof without considering how solid the ground is, then we are pretty much setting up for an eventual collapse.  But if we choose solid ground and place down a dependable foundation before building the walls then we are giving the building a better chance of lasting a long time.  Jesus told a parable of one man who built his house on rock and one who built his house on sand (Matthew 7:24-27).  He likened our spiritual lives to this parable.  If we listen to Jesus' words and don't do what He says, it is as if we built a house on sand.  If we listen to His words and do what He says, it is as if we are building our house on rock.

I love that analogy because I remember as a child understanding this.  I remember learning that when we base our life on the wisdom found in the Bible and choose to follow Christ, we have given our lives the best foundation.  The other thing that is found in the parable is the fact that both homes faced a storm.  The one on sand collapsed and the one on rock stayed standing.  This is an important point - having a solid foundation based on Jesus doesn't exempt us from the storms in life.  There will be storms; there will be difficulties.  But when our lives are built on Jesus, we will not be destroyed.  In fact when we choose to follow Jesus, that is when God comes in and begins to restore our lives and builds us back up on the solid foundation.  Please see what Peter said on this in 1 Peter 5:6-11.

I hope you read this in both the NIV and NLT because they each bring out different points.  Notice a few things - the enemy wants to devour us, but God cares for us.  When we can remember there is a world full of believers who have suffered the same things we have, we are strengthened and encouraged to resist the devil.  We are told that God will strengthen and restore us and He will place us on a firm foundation.  That is a wonderful hope we have!  Jesus really is our best foundation.

Have you place all your trust in the best foundation?

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