Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Lumens and Watts

When I think about it, I am amazed at how much light changes a room.  Have you ever been somewhere that was so dark you couldn't even see your hand waving in front of your face?  When in such a dark place, just a tiny light makes all the difference.  Prior to electricity, people used candles and oil lamps to light a room.  We look at candles as inadequate lighting only good for ambiance because we have become accustomed to bright light.  The other day I was at a home store and was amazed at how there was an entire aisle just for light bulbs - not light fixtures, light bulbs.  As I was waiting for my husband I was looking at the different descriptions for each LED and fluorescent light bulb.  They were measured in both watts and lumens to describe how much light they would give and how soft the light would be.  A few days after that, my son was watching a video about light and the video explained how light pollution completely changes our view of the night sky.  I'm sure all of you have experienced how amazing the sky is when you are in a place with very little light pollution.  For me, there was a time when I was camping on a Texas beach at the Golf of Mexico and saw the Milky Way and was amazed.  Another time was when I was in a remote village in Zambia and was amazed at the white sky!

Jesus said that we are the light of the world; specifically we have His light in us.  Please use the link and read Matthew 5:13-16.  When we are at church, it is kind of like having a lot of watts and lumens in one room, or a sky white with the Milky Way.  Our light isn't nearly as significant to us because we have become accustomed to seeing the beauty of so much light in one place.  However, imagine how that must (or should) look to someone coming to church for the first time.  Do we seem different enough that our light is noticeable?  What about when we are not at church and we are in the world?  Why would Jesus refer to us as the light of the world.  Do you think it was so we could shine our lights with each other, or do you think it was so our light could shine in the darkness?  Don't get me wrong; collectively our lights should shine great amounts of light and show people there is a wonderful hope in Jesus.  However, when we shine our lights while we are at work, school, in the store, or wherever we may be there is also a big impact.

When we are told that we are created as new creatures when we come to Christ, this announces God's glory.  This reveals the incredible work that He wants to do in all of us.  We are told to go into all the world and tell people about this great hope we have in Jesus; but we do not have to participate in the practices of the world.  It is when we are different that our light shines.  We don't have to be afraid of the dark because the light of the world is living in us.  God wants us to share His light with everyone.

Are you shining your light in the world?

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