Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Seek and Find

Growing up, my parents installed an above-ground swimming pool in our backyard.  We were the only house on our street with a swimming pool, so all the kids living on our street would come over to play in our pool.  A game that we all liked to play was Marco Polo.  This was a game where a person (it) would have to close their eyes while everyone else would scatter in the pool.  When the person who was "it" would call out "Marco," everyone had to answer "Polo!"  The person who was "it" would then try to tag everyone in the pool based on sound rather than sight.  The funny thing with this game was that the person playing it could be face to face with someone and not even know it.  If you were particularly bold you would even follow or stand very close to the person who was "it." But that was a dangerous place to be because if "it" called out "Marco," you were certain to be found and tagged.  Being "it" could be frustrating in that game because you sometimes felt a little isolated even though you were in a pool full of people.

Sometimes we can feel that way with our walk with God.  There can be times where you feel like you've lost touch with Him and you feel isolated.  During those times, it is important to remember that God is always there and He always knows where you are.  It isn't God who is lost, it is us who has lost sight of where God is.  We can feel like we are calling out to Him with no results; however, that really isn't the case.  God is always listening and always caring.  Yesterday, I explored Jeremiah 29:11-14, where we read that when we seek God with all our heart we will find Him.  I want to look at what Jesus said about seeking God in Matthew 7:7-8 (please use the link).

In these verses, we see the promise that when we seek God we will find Him.  God knows who truly wants to find and know Him and He will reveal Himself.  If we already have a relationship with Him, maybe He wants us to find a new aspect of Himself.  Maybe we've wandered a bit with all our distractions and He wants us to seek Him out and get back on track on our walk with Him.  Either way, don't be discouraged!  If you feel like you've lost touch with Him - pray.  Seek Him out and pray that He will reveal Himself to you.  He promises that you will find Him.  When you find Him, you will be amazed to see that He has been close to you the whole time.

Have you lost touch with God?  Have you searched for Him?

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  1. Great post- great advice. I was just reading that verse yesterday. So glad we where neighbors I love making new friends!!


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