Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Seek First

I have had a mental struggle over the last few days because something is lost.  It is something important and expensive and I have prayed a lot over it.  I even know that God can help us find it and return it to our home; however, when I go and pray it is something that I find myself immediately thinking about.  Even with that lost item at the top of my mind, there were other issues surrounding me clouding my mind as I went to pray this morning.  I usually start out praising God for who He is when I begin praying in the morning, but today I just jumped in with all my concerns.  Instead of feeling peace, I found my stress building.  That's not supposed to happen!  Can you relate to this scenario?  You go to give your worries to God and instead you feel like you're just rehashing everything all over again and feel the anxiety growing in your heart.  Even with the stress feeling building this morning, I felt God telling me to look up a verse that tells us to seek Him first and as I looked it up I realized what my issue was this morning.  Please use the link and read what Jesus had to say about worry and seeking God in Matthew 6:31-34.

Knowing how I approached my time with God this morning, can you see how the Holy Spirit is showing me what is really wrong?  God knows how important and expensive this item is and He also knows what is needed.  And know and believe that!  But when I approached Him this morning, I wasn't really seeking time with Him, I just rehashed my worries.  Please don't think I'm saying that we shouldn't go to Him with our worries and concerns!  I go to Him with my day to day concerns all the time.  That wasn't the issue for me this morning.  The issue was a heart issue.  I wasn't seeking Him first in all my stuff - I was seeking my stuff first.  Do you see the difference?

There will always be those moments throughout the day when we just need to call out to Him for help.  God wants us to do that - He wants to be the one we turn to at any moment.  The issue at stake this morning is that my problems were becoming the first thing on my mind rather God.  I want this item to be found and that became my consuming thought as I approached my time with Him.  I believe this is why I didn't feel the peace I often feel after praying.  When I make Him number one on my list everything else falls into place.  When He is out of that spot, the stress builds and everything becomes a jumbled mess in my mind.  So, as I go throughout this morning and begin to stress over the items on my mind I will pray to God, "Lord I trust you with my concerns!  Help me put my focus on You first."

Are you seeking after God first?

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