Friday, March 7, 2014

Our Trust Grows When We Seek God

Yesterday, I likened a baby's separation anxiety to how we feel when we don't immediately experience God where we are used to experiencing Him.  The thing that helps a baby go through that developmental stage is playing games like peek-a-boo or a simplified version of hide and seek.  The baby eventually learns that just because he/she cannot see you immediately doesn't mean you are missing.  The baby learns that there is more to presence than what is in their line of vision.  They learn to look in other places.  They also learn to trust their parents and they know that even when their parents leave they will come back.  Our "separation anxiety" with God is similar.  The only difference is that God never leaves even for a moment like parents do when they go out on a date.  I think when we spend time seeking God and finding Him in new experiences, the more our trust in Him grows.  We realize more and more that His love for us is great and He will never abandon us.  Please use the link and read what Paul wrote about what happens when we realize God's love for us in Ephesians 3:16-19.

Yesterday we saw in Philippians that we can take all things to God and not have to carry worry and anxiety.  I feel like these verses go right along with Philippians because as we grow and realize how great God's love is for us, we learn to trust Him more.  There is a wonderful thing that happens when we learn to trust Him; we experience peace!  Watchman Nee wrote in "Sit, Walk, Stand" that when we trust God we actually find ourselves in a rested position.  He likened it to driving a car.  We must sit in the car, but we do not move the car.  The car moves us.  When we trust God, it is a similar experience.  We learn that when we can quit controlling our environment and trust in the Holy Spirit to empower us and take us to where we need to be.

I guess the thing that I have learned overall this week is that no matter where we are in our walk with God we should always be seeking Him.  This can range from the person wondering if He even exists to the person who has known Him all their life.  We are constantly faced with new experiences that requires us to seek God in a different place.  He is always there - He just wants us to seek Him.  He promises that when we seek Him we will find Him.  The more we seek and find, the more we trust.  This is a huge part of our growth in Him.

Where are you in your walk with God?  Are you actively seeking Him?

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