Monday, March 3, 2014

While He Is Near

There are certain prayers that I pray every morning before I write my blog posts.  I pray that it is all about God - that it is His words on the page, not mine.  I really don't want my thoughts out on this post because I will, without doubt, mess it up.  But I pray that God is speaking to the readers and the Holy Spirit directs my thoughts.  I pray that as I write, I am learning and growing in my faith and becoming more aware of what God wants me to do.  I pray for everyone who reads the post that they will hear what God wants them to hear.  I pray that everyone who finds their way on my blog would experience the life-changing forgiveness God has for those who turn to Him.  And since my topic over the next few weeks is about seeking God, I pray that we will all see how we can be seeking Him in areas of our lives that we haven't sought after Him before.  I want to live my life in a way that I realize that I need Him to be a part of every minute moment of my life, and I pray that will be your desire as well.  I want to be aware of my need for Him always.  One reason I read the Bible every morning is that it helps point out the fact that I need Him.  Please use the link and read Isaiah 55:6-12.

We are told to seek God while He is near.  Does that give you a sense that this is not something that we can practice the art of procrastination?  This isn't the time to say, "I can pray later."  In all that we do, we should seek Him now because He is near.  We also shouldn't wait because we will get caught up in all our "stuff" and eventually forget to come to Him.  We also shouldn't wait because life here on earth is just to short to depend on another day.  Eternity is forever, so why would we weigh this life as more important?  If we wait until this life is over, it will be too late and God will not be near us.  If we seek Him now, He will always be near - now and for eternity.

There are also some truths that God gives us about what He says.  We are told that it is never wasted.  Whatever God wants to happen with what He says will happen.  He is in control and always will be in control of this world.  So, when we are truly seeking God and spending time in the Bible, we can know that God will produce the fruit He wants to produce in our lives.  We just need to let go of our own control and trust that what God wants is what is best.

Two incredible truths to see in these verses:  if we are truly seeking God, we will find Him and God's Word will always produce His desired results.  If we know that God is in control, why wouldn't we seek after Him?

What are you seeking?

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