Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Be Intentional

I was talking with a few people who had been challenged to think about if they are being asked by other people about their faith.  They were then challenged to consider the reasons why they were not having conversations about their faith.  Either they do not know people outside of church who do not know Christ, or they are not living their lives in a way that shows there is a difference.  That is challenging to think about, isn't it?  I currently work at a church, so I cannot rely on my workplace to help me get to know those who don't know Christ.  What that means is that I have to purposely and actively pursue relationships with people outside of church.  Think about it...if I don't intentionally pursue those relationships, I will not have the opportunities to share Christ with others.

How can we be intentional?  For me, I've done things that I enjoy to be intentional.  I like to read and I love music, so I've participated in a book club in the past and I have played in community bands.  God gave us our skills and talents so they can be used by Him - whether in your local church or through other ministry.  And the wonderful thing is that we are not doing it alone!  Please use the link and read what we are told in Romans 5:1-5.  We are reminded of the great hope we have in Christ, and we are also reminded that we have the Holy Spirit who fills our hearts with God's love.

God's love in us is changing us and those who don't know Christ should be seeing a difference in us.  We should be drawing people to Christ because of the love residing in us.  The more we spend with God in prayer and in the Bible, the more His love will shine through.  This love isn't just for us; His love is for everyone!

Do you have opportunities to show God's love?  If not, how can you be intentional to be in a place where opportunities will happen?

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