Thursday, May 22, 2014


Would you rather be in control or under control?  What if it turns out that you can be under the control of someone who wants what is best for you?  I know that I like to feel like I am in control; however, over the years I have learned that isn't what is best.  I have learned that not only is it okay to relinquish control, but I am more content when I give control over to God (this doesn't mean I do it perfectly!).  Please use the link and read what Romans 8:9-14 tells us about the Holy Spirit's control.

We are told in these verses that we no longer need to control everything because when we do that we really are not in control - our sinful nature is in control.  When we accept the Holy Spirit's control over our lives, we will find life and empowerment to do what God wants for us.  When we are living by our sinful nature, we may think we are in control, but we are really just doing what sin wants us to do.  When we are living by the Spirit, we know we are not in control but the Spirit is in control and that is when we can also realize the incredible power that is living in us!  It really is an amazing thing - trying to control our lives leads to powerlessness and death.  Allowing the Spirit to control our lives leads to life and we experience power that is beyond our ability to comprehend.

What controls you?

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