Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Love Your Enemies

This week, God has really been pointing out the importance of love to me.  He has been reminding me above all, love is the greatest.  After all, love is why Jesus came and sacrificed His life for us.  So, we are told that just as we are loved by God, we should love others.  I guess that it is challenging in all situations, but when we are talking about the people we choose to be with that it doesn't seem too crazy.  But then, when we start talking about the people who seem to grate on our nerves or hurt us it becomes something bigger than ourselves.  Please see what Jesus said about love in Matthew 4:43-48.

We are to love others, even our enemies.  That seems like an impossible task and it is when we are operating in our human selves.  So, if it is impossible for us to do that why would Jesus command it?  This is because we are to love through God, not through ourselves.  We have the wonderful gift of the Holy Spirit to give us this supernatural love that is completely unnatural to the human nature.  Think of the impact that could have!  If we show love for everyone, not just the people we like to be with it will make a mark in this world.

Who would you rather not love?  Ask God to change your heart to love that person and see them as God sees them.

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