Tuesday, May 13, 2014

What We Do Not Have

What do you hope for?  Some things we hope for are big...we hope for healing, we hope for resolution to a major problem.  Some things we hope for are small...we hope we have time to grab a cup of coffee on our way to work, we hope that our baby will sleep through the night (maybe that's not so small!).  Either way we don't sit on our couch in the living room hoping that we can have that couch - we already have it.  We don't hope for what we already have; we hope for the things we do not have.  Our greatest hope is what we are promised in Jesus - eternal life with our Creator.  Yesterday, I looked at Romans 8:31-39 and focused on how God's love for us is so great and we can know that nothing can destroy our eternal hope we have in Jesus.  Today, I want to back-track a little and look at more of Romans 8 and see how great our hope is in Jesus.  Please use the link and read Romans 8:18-25.

We all have days that remind us that there is a better life waiting for us; a life with our Savior.  All we have to do is watch the news to remember how much pain this world is in.  Hundreds of innocent girls are kidnapped so a terrorist group can use them as pawns in their deadly games.  An incomprehensible number of people have their lives stolen from them and are forced into slavery.  People do not value life and kill one another.  War.  Natural disasters.  Divorce.  I could go on and on.  This world is hurting and there are times when we get caught in its turbulence.  But we have a hope that goes beyond the suffering of this world.  You see, this life we are currently living is for a short time in comparison to all of eternity.  We can cling to the hope we have in Jesus that we will some day receive the inheritance we have been promised.

It makes me think of when I was in labor with my first child.  It was a labor that lasted 31 hours and the thought that I had throughout was the fact that millions of women had done this before me and when it was over I would have my precious baby.  That was the hope that got me through each painful minute of my labor.  Seventeen years later, those 31 hours seem like a small little blip compared to the life we've had with our son.  That doesn't diminish the pain I experienced in the moment, but it gives me a picture of what this life will be like to us once we are living out the promise we are given through Jesus.  We can hope in the fact that it really will be so much better!  Life with our Savior is beyond anything we can understand and that hope can help us when the pain of this world overwhelms us.

Where are you placing your hope?

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