Monday, June 9, 2014

Narrow Gate

My family has made several moves and there have been some things we have learned along the way.  One of the big things we have learned is that the furniture we currently own will not necessarily fit in the new space.  Even if the new home is bigger than the old home, the layout is different and the furniture may not fit.  This doesn't mean we've bought new furniture every time we've moved - we cannot afford that!  But it does mean we've either had to get rid of some of the furniture or we've had to use it differently than planned.  It is frustrating to move - I even remember once we had a very long couch we couldn't use in an apartment because the stairway was too narrow to make a turn with the long couch.  It didn't matter how we tried to change the angle and direction of taking the couch up the stairs, it wasn't going to fit in that narrow stairwell.  What was even more frustrating was that there was plenty of room in the apartment for the couch - there just wasn't room for it in the stairwell.

Jesus told us that the way to Heaven was narrow and it wasn't going to be easy.  Please read what He said about our journey in Matthew 7:13-14.  In some ways, I guess finding this narrow path is similar to what we've experienced with moving.  There are things we need to throw away in order to find and fit on this narrow path.  We need to throw away things like pride - pride keeps us from even recognizing the need for forgiveness and a Savior.  Holding on to that pride keeps us from even finding the narrow path in the first place.  Other things we need to get out of our lives in order to fit on the path are things like unforgiveness, envy, greed, idolatry, and so on.  The encouraging thing about this path is that God gives us what we really need for the journey in place of the things that do not belong.

Don't you just love how God works in our lives?  He replaces everything that doesn't fit on the path with smaller, lighter, and more useful instruments.  We are fitted with things like patience, forgiveness, endurance, strength, and so on.  We find out with every challenge on the path that if we ask God for help, He will give exactly what we need!  His burden truly is light.

Do you need to lighten your load to continue on the path?